14 Times People Opened Their Old Photo Albums and Realized They Were Looking in the Mirror

2 years ago

Genetics is a truly powerful thing, and you may resemble a relative you’ve never even met. As DNA testing becomes more and more popular, people find out surprising and curious facts about their families they had no idea about.

Here at Now I’ve Seen Everything, we believe it’s never too late to start learning your family history. And we gathered 14 photos that clearly show you should never underestimate the power of genes.

1. “My high school picture, freshman year, in 2004 next to my dad’s senior picture in 1975.”

2. “Me and my son 27 years apart. Same Moses blanket, basket, and onesie!”

3. The power of genes is strong in these 2.

4. Mother and daughter on their wedding days. The smile says everything you need to know.

5. “My mother at age 21 and me at age 27.”

6. “My son (4, 2019) and me (5, 1995)”

7. “My mom and me when we were 23.”

8. “My birth father (deceased) and I. I only met him as a baby, but he lives on in me.”

9. “Me as a 1-year-old compared to my daughter on her first birthday. Genetics are crazy!”

10. “I tried that genetics comparison experiment with both my parents... The results were pretty cool.”

11. “Me in the ’70s and my son a few years ago, I thank my mom for the fringe/bangs.”

12. “My grandfather deploying with the Seabees (1942-3) and me on the right.”

13. “Me with my niece in 2012. My sister with my daughter in 2020!”

14. “My grandmother (1940) and me (2005).”

Do you look like an ancestor of yours? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit Bnrady / Reddit


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