18 Times People Shared Pictures of Their Favorite Pieces of Jewelry They Wear Regardless of Trends

2 years ago

We often read stories about celebrities who pay sweet tributes to their loved ones with a sentimental necklace or a ring. Wearing a special piece of jewelry is a way to tell a story without words. And you don’t have to walk the red carpet to steal the show with one-of-a-kind statement earrings or a delicate pendant that sends a subtle message.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything love beautiful jewelry, and we couldn’t take our eyes off these gorgeous bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

“I made jewelry from an ordinary piece of macaroni.”

“My first ring design ever”

“I know it’s a little cheesy, but I bought this 3-stone ring to celebrate 3 years of maintaining my weight loss.”

“A vintage charm bracelet! This was my great-grandmother’s bracelet, which could have also been given to her by her mother.”

“My mom just sent me an opal tennis bracelet to match my wedding set.”

“I hope my wife likes this ring.”

“I made my wife a hair spike. The swirls have a symbolic meaning related to events in our lives (some intersect and some are closer or further apart).”

“To me, from me”

“I wanted to share a picture of the lovely antique midnight blue sapphire necklace that my grandfather originally bought for my grandmother.”

“For our 15-year anniversary, my husband took my wedding ring and all the wedding rings I had inherited from my grandparents and made one beautiful ring.”

“They just don’t make jewelry like this today: a gorgeous vintage ruby and diamond ring!”

“This yellow diamond center stone with garnet petals changes color with the light.”

“I inherited this ring from my mom. It was my grandmother’s, and now it’s mine! I’m beyond happy that it fits perfectly without any adjustments. I’ve loved this ring my whole life and I can’t believe it belongs to me now. It’s perfect.”

“This is my late grandfather’s white gold and star sapphire ring. My grandmother said it was one of the things that first caught her eye when she met him!”

“My new favorite pair of earrings I made from restored antique buttons”

“I found this ’50s vintage opal and gold ring today at the local pawn shop for a steal.”

“Got a new jade ring today. I can’t stop looking at it and taking pictures!”

“Shades of green and gold give me late summer, early fall vibes.”

Do you have any old pieces of jewelry? Show them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Akopian_DIY / Reddit


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