15 People Whose Family Albums Are Like Treasure Chests

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We probably all treasure old family photo albums because, unlike modern-day pics, most of which are backed up (or at least they should be), we don’t get a second chance with the old ones if something happens. Maybe only on rare occasions, like in Bristol, where a 70-year-old long-lost family album was returned thanks to a special project called Found It! and a local radio program.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything prepared some gems that can be found in family archives.

1. “My second cousin was Tom Cruise’s prom date.”

2. “Awkward family photos and pictures of pets... Well, check this out.”

3. “My dad and Tom Hanks in high school in the ’70s, and then later in the ’90s”

4. “My father and I carrying the 1984 Olympic torch”

5. “My grandmother, stylish back in the ’60s.”

6. They were told not to blink in order to take the perfect shot.

7. “My aunt with Angus Young in the early ’80s. This was taken after she went out on stage with AC/DC.”

8. “Muhammad Ali came to my family’s home for dinner in 1970.”

9. “Looking through a family album, I realized I’m related to Tweety Bird.”

10. “My grandfather, Donald Helgemo. I miss him so much.”

11. “My dad in the ’90s when he worked for Iron Maiden as head of security.”

12. “My dad in the early ’80s”

13. “Was going through childhood pictures and stumbled across this.”

14. “My cousin (left) befriended Robert De Niro in the ’70s. This is them together in my cousin’s house, circa 1981.”

15. “My dad in the ’70s.”

What are your top 3 pictures? Who’s in charge of maintaining your family albums? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit IchibanSuzuki / Reddit


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