20 One-of-a-Kind Physical Features of People and Animals

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As a famous quote says “We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without diversity, life would be very boring.” Some beings are born extra special because of their unique physical features that turn heads as they walk around. Whether it’s a horse with 2 different-colored eyes or a woman with a pear-shaped pupil, they all deserve our love and appreciation.

That’s because diversity is very important in order to accept people for who they are and therefore get rid of any discrimination. Also, when we come in contact with people who are different than us, our life becomes more exciting and we gain experiences we otherwise wouldn’t. It’s not only about physical traits, but also about different ideas and opinions about life.

While being different can be tricky for many people, Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to celebrate all these creatures, human or animals, that stand out in the crowds because of how their body looks.

1. “My girlfriend was born without a nail.”

2. This kitten has 2 toes on one paw.

3. “My friend’s pretty horse has heterochromia (2 different colored eyes).”

4. “My customer described her as a leucistic bison. It’s a condition that results in less pigmentation than normal.”

  • I was working on their AC. Not selling any animals. She was a veterinarian. The bison and cows were in the backyard and the dogs were in the pasture. Idk exactly what was going on but they were all friendly and curious about what the hell I was doing back there. rulingthewake243 / Reddit

5. “My jaw from below looks like my nose from above.”

6. “My kitten has hearts on her ears.”

7. “I have vitiligo and heterochromia.”

8. “I was born with extremely crooked thumbs.”

9. “My mom’s cat was born with no tail.”

10. “My arms bend the wrong way.”

  • My elbows do this too, but only my elbows, nowhere else. I can touch the inside of my elbows together in front of my body, that’s a good way to freak people out and confuse them. peoplma / Reddit

11. “I have a pear-shaped pupil!”

12. “Just discovered my 4-week-old foster kitten has heterochromia. Only one of his eyes is changing color.”

13. “I’ve known people with vitiligo before, but I’ve never seen such a symmetrical pattern!”

14. “I’ve got too many bones in my mouth.”

  • I have this too and the x-rays are so painful! I hope someone comes up with a better mouthpiece for us someday. shortjd1 / Reddit

15. “Today I’ve learned babies can be born with highlights. Congrats, Mom and Dad!”

  • “Her mom had some tips, but way less, and it faded away after 2-3 days. No sign of fading so far (day 4) but it will probably happen. All the nurses at the pediatric hospital we’re at are in awe of her hair!”

16. “My left big toe is way bigger than my right one.”

  • I can’t imagine how uncomfortable shoes and socks must be unless they’re oversized, or custom made. Hope it doesn’t make to much trouble for you. 7-7Joshua7-7 / Reddit

17. “Half of the eyelashes on my right eye are white.”

  • During the summer holidays between year six and seven (I was 11 I think) I woke up one morning to some of my eyelashes white. It literally happened overnight. My mum thought I had bleached them somehow. It was only a very small section at first but it’s now over half of the eyelashes on this eye. It affects both top and bottom lashes, and I occasionally get one or two white hairs in my eyebrow. It’s a condition called vitiligo and it’s where your immune system is weak in a specific area and it cause the colour pigmentation to ‘drain’ out of the skin, or in my case, eyelashes. We think it’s because I used to have a nasal polyp on the right side of my nose which caused the weakened immune system." Inimeitiel- / Reddit

18. “I have only 4 fingers on my left hand, and have an index finger instead of a thumb.”

19. “I have a pigment condition called ‘nevus depigmentos’. Saw a couple pigment condition pictures here today so thought I’d share mine.”

  • My feet look pretty similar but it’s from wearing ankle sockes with trail runners all summer. Not quite as dramatic as this but close. It’s just interesting to me that something environmental, like socks, can so closely mimic something that I assume is medical. asromatifoso / Reddit

20. “My cat and I have the same mole.”

If you could choose any physical “superpower,” what would you choose to have and why? Do you have anything unique on your body that people would notice on you?

Preview photo credit nofapventure / Reddit


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