15+ People Whose Gardens Are the Perfect Place for Fairytales

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2 years ago

A garden full of blooming flowers, monarch butterflies flying around, and smells that make us want to take a deep breath with our eyes closed — all of this sounds like a recipe for a fairytale-like scenario. But hold still, because some people have a real passion when it comes to gardening and we have to admit, it looks like it could work as a fun therapeutic activity.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to say we’ve now smelled everything, but we’ll have to just imagine the hypnotizing smell that’s roaming around these fantastic gardens.

1. “It may have been one month late due to the cold weather, but my clematis fence is in full bloom now!”

2. “My mom’s azalea”

3. “My mom’s hydrangea bush is stunning this year. She is so proud!”

4. “Can my 85-year-old great-grandfather’s garden get some love? He does this entirely on his own!”

5. “I’ve been waiting for this moment the whole year.”

6. “I thought my grandparents’ huge rhododendron peaked last week, but I was wrong.”

7. “Just one very small part of my mom and dad’s garden. They put their heart and soul into making it a relaxing, beautiful place.”

8. “First blooms in my first-ever garden! So exciting!”

9. “Azaleas gone wild!”

10. “She’s so majestic! I hate to trim her.”

11. “My mom planted these climbing roses around a patio in her yard 7 years ago and they’re still going strong.”

12. “Loved how the light was hitting just right on this little section of my yard. Springtime is the best time!”

13. “My boy taking in all the wonderful smells of spring.”

14. “My alliums bloomed and I will definitely be buying more. Anyone I see drive by can’t help but stare. They’re gorgeous.”

15. “How many butterflies are in this picture?”

16. “5 minutes in the garden before going to work can make all the difference.”

17. “My garden is my happy place.”

Do you like gardening? Let’s share the pictures of our blooming flowers and trees in the comments!

Preview photo credit cornish-yorkshirepud / Reddit


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