15 People Whose Habits Are The Hardest Test of Patience for Their Loved Ones

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Even the people we love more than anything in this world can still have some habits that the most patient people would find absolutely unbearable. Especially if that’s something you have to deal with every single day of your life, we oftentimes have no other choice but to laugh at it together with others.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered some annoying habits that people on the Internet shared, and you’ll probably see that your situation is quite far from being the worst one.

1. “My toothpaste vs My girlfriend’s toothpaste”

2. “Went to a wedding and this was my view for the entire thing.”

3. “My wife wonders why the vacuum hasn’t been working.”

4. “My wife asked for the remote the whole evening.”

5. “My husband, refusing to use a bigger pot to warm up his tomato soup”

6. “When my husband goes out in public like this:”

7. “Woke up and saw my door was removed by my parents. I asked them why, and they replied, ’Privacy isn’t necessary.’”

8. “The way my boyfriend cuts his pizza to avoid cutting the pepperoni”

9. “The cord for my wife’s vacuum...”

10. “My wife sits and eats all the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms and puts the barren cereal back in the pantry.”

11. “My husband ’helping’ by consolidating all of our pasta”

12. “The way my boyfriend sliced this avocado...”

13. “My family’s collection of single socks and gloves”

14. “I married a person who does this.”

15. “The way that my mom eats avocados”

What annoying habits do your relatives have?

Preview photo credit Neil_D-***_Tyson / reddit


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