15+ People Whose Luck Took a Day Off

2 years ago

Sometimes, it may feel like luck has left the room forever. It can be something big, like making a huge mistake on the very first day at work, or just a series of annoying little mishaps in a row. Either way, it’s important to believe that any unlucky strike will eventually come to an end, and you’ll see how your day gets better.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything have prepared some pics that show that any problem can be solved with the right attitude.

“I don’t paint often, so I was really proud of myself for remembering to wear gloves this time.”

When the road wants to ruin your day:

“I dropped 10 pounds of beads on the floor today at work. My boss was not happy.”

“Had an air purifier running for over a year with the filter covered in plastic the whole time.”

“Joke’s on you, most photos in that card are yours.”

“See those eggs? They are supposed to be in the pies. I made 2 hot, oily, chocolate garbage circles.”

“My sister decided to organize my bookshelf, then she did this... Oh, my eyes!”

“This isn’t how I wanted my morning to go.”

“Rolled up right before the concert started.”

“I traveled to London to ride the London Eye. I love this view.”

“My bag of ravioli came with only 4. Is this a normal thing?”

“I just received my Amazon package, and it was completely empty when I opened it.”

Good morning!

“Our office stays mostly empty these days, but I popped in today and made some coffee. After it brewed, I lifted the pump lever and found this.”

“I forgot to add oil when cooking this egg.”

“I got this in my fortune cookie.”

“Cool! I just got these for Christmas and used them twice before I found them in the freaking dryer. Nice!”

“Had a wardrobe malfunctions while at work (retail), had to improvise a solution.”

“A guy dropped a $40,000 pallet of glass on his first day.”

Will you share your epic fails?

Preview photo credit BugsRFeatures2 / Reddit


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