19 Pictures Your Eyes Will Need to Focus on Closely to Understand What’s Going On

2 years ago

Sometimes we make assumptions about a picture we see based on our way of thinking. We don’t necessarily concentrate solely on what is in front of our eyes, but our brain wins over our eyes. But some other times, the camera happens to be in a location that hides a big part of the truth. That’s why we often see things that don’t exist or misinterpret the existing information.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is still amazed at how often these confusing moments happen and happy that people manage to photograph them.

1. “I’m usually a calm person, but going to the pool just makes me lose my head.”

2. This is kind of a long cat, don’t you agree?

3. Need a helping hand?

4. “My friend has been a little turned around lately.”

5. “A permanent mouse cursor in between the ears”

6. “Looks like water? Look again.”

7. Floating vase or not?

8. “New dog? Or just the hair that fell after brushing my dog?”

9. Oh, and another looooong cat over here!

10. “A surreal puddle in a parking garage.”

11. “Took me a minute”

12. “A birdie takin’ a selfie.”

13. “Portal window”

14. A blob fish? Or just a dog upside down?

15. “A reflection looking scary...”

16. “This eagle enjoys boating.”

17. “Literal baby feet”

18. “Turtles sky-swimming”

19. “Watched Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners when I spotted this fine gentleman wearing a little fancy hat.”

Have you ever seen anything so confusing you thought your eyes were playing tricks on you?

Preview photo credit Rad-Panda-_ / Reddit


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