15 Pets Whose Behavior Is So Unusual It Requires a Manual

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Just like humans, pets aren’t all the same and depending on the species and the breed their behavior changes. Or maybe some of them like imitating their humans and their antics. The result is often super funny and luckily their human friends are there to keep a memento of them in their phones forever.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 15 of the most precious and difficult to explain pet behaviors.

1. “Guess which is the weird one.”

2. She is beauty, she is grace.

3. Nola on our morning walk. I thought I’d take one of those cute pics of a happy dog run but I got this instead.

4. Seats are confusing to my derpy boy.

5. He ate the scale.

6. I mean, I don’t know, but I think my dog wanted the doughnut.

7. Every time I walk her, she turns around every few steps to flash this smile.

8. “This photo I just took of my cat stretching her arms and sneezing.”

9. Poppy being affectionate means she puts her butt on your head.

10. This cat has seen things.

11. Smile for the camera

12. Pretty sure that’s NOT how you sleep.

13. Frejya only sleeps in derpy positions.

14. Put so much as a single drop of water in that tub and he won’t go anywhere near it.

15. “My dog really loves bubbles.”

What is the weirdest thing your pet has done that you can’t find an explanation for?

Preview photo credit MarvelousFizz / reddit


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