15+ Photos of Dads Who Have a Very Special Bond With Their Kids

2 years ago

Fatherhood is a wonderful thing. Experts say that even though they don’t carry the baby or breastfeed, dads’ bond with their kids is not any weaker than that of moms’, it’s just formed differently. There’s even a term for the great amount of affection men feel towards their children — it’s called “engrossment.”

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found some examples of amazing connection and very strong parental love.

1. Father and son having a nice time together, 30 years apart.

2. “At the last minute my wedding photographer suggested I do first look photos with my dad. I think his reaction shows how lucky I am to have him as my father.”

3. “Completed the LEGO typewriter with my dad”

4. Dad and daughter are dressed up to watch a Cinderella movie.

5. Father and daughter, growing up together

6. “I like to take my daughter on ’dates’ to show her from even a young age how men should treat her. Today we got ice cream together.”

7. “My significant other holding our identical twin girls, born premature at 30 weeks, together for the first time.”

8. “My brother was the first to graduate with a Master’s in my family. My dad couldn’t stop crying.”

9. “Went to a daddy-daughter dance and our previous year’s picture was used as the showcase photo, my daughter felt like a superstar.”

10. Dad still wanted to celebrate his son’s birthday even though he had to work.

11. A dad always finds creative solutions to protect his kids from any weather conditions.

12. “So, my dad made sure my Reese’s wouldn’t melt.”

13. This father is taking his daughter to a fun run.

14. He’s keeping the sun out of her eyes.

15. “My dad and his pet goose.”

16. “My dad volunteering as Batman bringing joy to kids fighting cancer at a children’s hospital.”

17. He took his daughter to his graduation and 18 years later he proudly accompanied his daughter at her graduation.

Which photo did you adore the most? Have you ever seen an example like this of a father’s love? We would like to know about it in the comment section!

Preview photo credit Heifdogg / reddit


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