15+ Photos That Are So Sweet You Won’t Need Creamer in Your Coffee

2 years ago

Seeing cute animals and kids makes us feel better and that’s a fact. All thanks to the chemical called dopamine, which we get as a reward for this activity. Aside from that, scientists also found that the adorability we perceive makes us do certain tasks better. So even if you’re reading this instead of working or studying — don’t worry, you’re actually trying to increase productivity!

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found some pics that are sweeter than apple pie.

“They tried to stay up to see me but it didn’t work out so well.”

“Took in this scared, sweet, pregnant mama after I found her hiding under my motorcycle cover. Now she’s a happy mama of 4 beautiful kittens.”

“I think he loves me back.”

“My neighbor’s cat came to show us his toof.”

“She has a boyfriend.”

“Can’t decide who’s cuter... ”

“Friends going for a summer swim!”

“I think our new addition, Juno, and our 6-year-old, Lola, will get on all right.”

“Sometimes when I hold my pup, he holds me back.”

“Just woke up and discovered I have a strange new plant.”

“Working remotely is easier now.”

“I found 3 kittens who lost their mommy. Now they all have new homes. My little guy is snuggled up with me on the couch now. I have a new best friend.”

“Saved a magpie’s life a couple of days ago, and we’re buddies now. He comes back daily for treats and some playtime!”

“Dear Santa, I promise I am a good pup.”

“She likes to rest her head there.”

“My neighbor’s dog, Zoe, greets me at the fence whenever I pull into the driveway.”

“Our cat, Ada, just gave birth.”

Do you have a furry best friend that can take all your worries away? Do you think animals can be kinder than humans?

Preview photo credit Rebbeccaanne / Reddit


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