15+ Photos That Had Too Much Fun Playing Tricks on Our Eyes

2 years ago

Magic and illusion acts entertain us because they seem to go against the logic of the natural world. But it appears that some objects have also mastered the art of illusion, and they’ve decided to perform tricks on our eyes by pretending to defy reality.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 20 confusing photos that can make us wonder if the universe enjoys playing pranks on us.

1. “The way the sky reflected off the glass at sunset made the balconies look as though they were floating.”

2. Interesting looking ice cream

3. “My daughter might be a demon.”

4. “School basement hallway”

5. “This reflective light switch on a mirror”

6. “This empty microwave”

7. “I thought I took a really cool picture of my dog with his tongue out.”

8. “It looks like our baby has tattoos already.”

9. “A rail support on a tram”

10. “A massive explosion outside my window”

11. “This leaf looks like it cracked the windshield.”

12. Someone had fun designing this subway entrance.

13. “An air bubble makes my daughter’s Taekwondo instructor look like he has an afro.”

14. “This pic of my wife and I look like 2 pictures put together.”

15. “Meet my dog, Decapito.”

16. “The reflection of my truck window makes the tall soda can appear to be regular size.”

17. “I drew poppy outlines for my class to cut out — they look like they overlap but don’t.”

18. “My friend learning to snowboard”

Have you taken photos that ended up showing a confusing perspective? We would love to give our brains and eyes an even longer workout, so please share them with us!


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