20 Pics That Feel Like a Warm Ray of Sunshine on a Cold Winter Day

2 years ago

We’re lucky to live in a time when cameras and cell phones can easily capture and immortalize beautiful moments. We can just look back at these images whenever we need a happy pill. These photos, for example, exude so much warmth and tenderness that looking at them charges us with positive feelings.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to share the good vibes, so we collected 20 photos that can instantly put a smile on your face.

1. “My wife doesn’t want me snacking late at night, but here are these two goons caught red-handed eating my noodles behind my back.”

2. “Sometimes, you cuddle when you can.”

3. “My grandfather built me a rocking horse 20 years ago, but it got lost through the years, so now he’s built one for my son.”

4. “I’ve just opened up a fresh jar of cat.”

5. “Postman Morris has made sure our son’s letter gets to Santa for years.”

6. “The way my dog snuggles with my wife never doesn’t make me smile.”

7. “A lot can change in 22 years. Some things never do.”

8. There are so many versions of a comfortable position.

9. “My daughter went sledding for the first time ever, and she had an absolute BLAST!”

10. “I taught my dog to pose, and now he is photobombing all my attempts to take a pic.”

11. “My 2-year-old as Cinderella. She wanted to wear it forever.”

12. Five more minutes

13. Christmas family trips can be fun.

14. “Sometimes you just need to cuddle your bear and go to sleep.”

15. “Feliz Navidad!”

16. “We’ve decorated my prosthetics to match the Christmas feeling we have.”

17. “Found them like this.”

18. “Cute little Santa couple takes a walk each morning in my neighborhood.”

19. “Oliver fell asleep while begging.”

20. “After a couple of failed pregnancies and feeling hopeless, my wife delivered our beautiful, healthy baby girl!”

What are your favorite cozy moments? Please, share photos of happy memories with us!

Preview photo credit Rpark888 / reddit


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