15+ Girls Who Wanted to Zhoosh Up Their Looks With Plastic Surgery and Their Results Are Jaw-Dropping

2 years ago

When we look in the mirror, we might be over-critical of ourselves and see flaws that others wouldn’t even bat an eye over. Moreover, today, no matter your social status, plastic surgery is just one click and one bank transfer away. There are some people that grab the world by the lapels and book a surgery or an intervention that will make them feel more like their best selves.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is a total fan of changes that are made from the soul and we think the next transformations are not to be missed!

“Got my tape off! 2 weeks post op rhinoplasty and submental liposuction.”

“Rhinoplasty before vs 10 months post-op”

Face, brow, and eyes before and now

11 months post-op

One month post-op rhinoplasty and chin liposuction

“20 days post-op bilateral temporomandibular joint replacement and upper jaw surgery”

“Update 10 days post-procedure — chin and jowl lipo! Really happy.”

“My rhinoplasty, before & almost 2 months after”

“Chemotherapy messed up my facial fat distribution. Finally got it fixed! One month after chin liposuction”

Rhinoplasty pre and post

“Said goodbye to my long nose 5 months ago.”

“Before and after laser micro peel, forehead lifting, and kiss lip fillers.”

Before vs almost 4 months post-septorhinoplasty

“Final update: 7 weeks post op: sliding genio, submental lipo, and buccal fat reduction. Happy with the result.”

“I found some old pictures while browsing old pics. Maybe I’m crazy, but I really think something is different! Important: after pic is with lip fillers.”

“My lip filler is still there after 2 years.”

“My upper jaw was moved 3 mm forward and it pushed my lip out more which I am so grateful for!”

“Jaw surgery ain’t easy but it’s worth it.”

“Before and after: 2 years post op for rhinoplasty and 2 months post op for blepharoplasty and eyebrow lift.”

Would you ever want to change something about your appearance?

Preview photo credit AmazonDance / Reddit


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