15 Photos That Prove Time Travel Is Real

2 years ago

There are many priceless moments in life that we wish we could live again. And while we can’t go back in time and change the past, we can look at our photos in old albums and refresh our memory.

The heroes of this article decided to bring those precious moments to life and recreate photos from their past. We at Now I’ve Seen Everything are truly impressed by their creativity.

1. “Same shirt. Same bike. Same kid. Officially a teen”

2. “6 weeks vs 2 years! They grow up so fast!”

3. “The series continues... Kindergarten through marriage.”

4. “1973 and 2020. Same people, same location. Kent, England”

5. “17 years apart”

6. “We recreated one of my parent’s wedding photos!”

7. “Me and my bros”

8. “My mom (~1970) and me (~1997) in the same dress brought from a great-great aunt from Holland. One day, I want a picture of my daughter in the same dress.”

9. “Me (the one in the middle) and my cousins. First photo was taken in 2007, the second one was last year.”

10. “My girlfriend and I recently celebrated our anniversary by recreating one of our first photos.”

11. “We recreated this photo of my grandparents on their wedding day.”

12. “We recreated our old emo family photo.”

13. “On my 30th birthday, I made cookies with my grandma. We recreated that photo today — a decade later.”

14. “My grandfather recreated his photo from 1950.”

15. “My sister and I recreated our first picture together.”

Which photo recreation did you find the most touching? Have you ever tried to bring your old photos back to life?

Preview photo credit fletchlivz / Reddit


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