15 Unexpected Finds That People Couldn’t Wait to Capture on Camera

year ago

Nothing makes life more exciting than the random gifts we get from the universe every once in awhile. Whether it’s a natural wonder or an unbelievable coincidence, these instances are often worthy of photographing. After all, it’s not often that your mug starts sweating tea.

Now I’ve Seen Everything brings you a few pics of discoveries that wowed those who first came across them.

1. “This is what broccoli looks like if you don’t harvest it.”

2. “Wood ear fungus that really looks like an ear.”

3. “My friend’s outfit exactly matched my coffee cup today.”

4. “A leopard gecko’s ear”

5. “Found a fossilized shell in the middle of a national forest.”

6. “I cracked an egg and there was another egg inside.”

7. “This fallen leaf started growing its own little plant.”

8. “Skeletal leaves from a lemon tree”

9. “This apple with two stems that I bought.”

10. “My mom ran into someone with the same tattoo as her in the same spot as her, just mirrored.”

11. “An orange cucumber from my parents’ garden.”

12. “My mug is sweating tea through the cracks in the ceramic.”

13. “This piece of wall that got rounded by the sea.”

14. “Some deterioration on a wall in Dublin city looks like a parakeet.”

15. “Wanted to share this conch’s little eyeballs.”

Have you ever witnessed something unusual or rare? Were you able to capture those things?

Preview photo credit UnsaidSleet4223 / Reddit


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