15 Pics Where Animals Stole the Show and Our Hearts

2 years ago

It’s easy to crack a smile when looking at animals. But some take it a step further with their charismatic personalities and loving souls, like a cat who tightly hugs the leg of the person about to adopt them. Thanks to the Internet, we are showered every day with pics that capture those joyful moments. There are so many it’s hard to know where to start, but worry not!

Now I’ve Seen Everything selected some of the very best animal photos around and compiled them here for you. Enjoy!

1. “The joy of having a turkey accept your hug”

2. “My old lab finally accepted the new puppy...”

3. “When you go to adopt a cat, but she adopts you first.”

4. “Baxter the dog getting used to his little bro, Linus”

5. “My boyfriend was supposed to be watching the foster kittens. I walked into the living room and saw this.”

6. “My cat has figured out that if he pulls the towels down from the heated drying rack, he gets extra warmth.”

7. “On occasion, our kittens will just sit and watch my husband play League of Legends on his laptop.”

8. “My cat absolutely adores my boyfriend.”

9. “My wife is 30 weeks pregnant, and this is how her cat cuddles with her.”

10. “He was a firm opponent of the hairless cat but skin to skin is the best way to connect.”

11. When it’s still not your turn to use the sink...

12. “Some things never get old.”

13. “Just my cat making sure I don’t leave whenever I go sit on the porch”

14. “I was locked out and my cat came to support me.”

15. “My cat doesn’t like water, as you can see.”

Let’s make each other’s day warmer by sharing cute pics of our pets in the comments!

Preview photo credit lnfinity / Reddit


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