15 Times Celebrities Weren’t Shy About Repeating Outfits

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Although for us it’s completely normal to wear the same outfit multiple times, it’s a rare occurence with celebrities. Whether it’s due to the pressure of being dressed in clothes from different stylists or simply because they believe it will be frowned upon by the public, the truth is it’s tough to remember a time when our favorite star repeated clothes. However, there are some fascinating exceptions.

Now I’ve Seen Everything discovered a few cases where celebrities said “yes” to at least dress twice. We even added a bonus at the end!

1. Elizabeth Banks 2004 vs 2020

2. Naomi Campbell 1998 vs 2015

3. Laura Dern 1995 vs 2013 vs 2020

4. Kate Middleton 2012 vs 2018

5. Jennifer Lawrence 2017 vs 2018

6. Kate Moss 1998 vs 2004

7. Cate Blanchett 2014 vs 2019

8. Jane Fonda 2014 vs 2020

9. Shakira 2017 vs a month later

10. Rita Moreno 1962 vs 2018

11. Kirsten Dunst 2004 vs 2017

12. Catherine Zeta-Jones 2006 vs 2008

13. Helena Bonham Carter 2010 vs 2011

14. Sofia Loren 2010 vs 2017

15. Susan Sarandon 2013 vs 2015

Bonus: Saoirse Ronan used fabric from her 2020 BAFTAs dress to create a new one for Oscars that same year.

What do you think about celebrities taking such a progressive approach to red carpet fashion?


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