15+ Times Internet Users Faced a Disappointment That Was Hard to Describe

2 years ago

Not everything in life goes according to plan all the time, so we’re destined to deal with disappointment here and there. Usually, it becomes an unpleasant surprise as it seems to await us in the most unexpected moments possible. Like when you’re almost finished a puzzle, and suddenly realize the last piece doesn’t fit, or some of the leaves in your salad are made of plastic.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything prepared this compilation of things that could have made us furious, but seemed funny instead.

1. “It doesn’t fit.”

2. “Jordan heels...”

3. “’That’s not going to hold without a stud,’ my SO said. ’Don’t worry,’ I replied. ’I’ve got half-inch toggle bolts.’”

4. “This sink at my school.”

5. “I ordered 4 sliders and received 270 bread rolls. Such a waste.”

6. “Gotta keep the wires fresh.”

7. “So do I sue someone or something? Found synthetic leaves in my bag of mixed salad leaves.”

8. “My brother ’salted’ the driveway.”

9. “Individually wrapped potatoes. More plastic everywhere.”

10. “Emergency hammer locked with cable ties.”

11. “Packing the bike has never been easier.”

12. “This milk at my school.”

13. “I changed the door boss.”

14. “This Detroit style pizza I got after ordering online.”

15. “Getting married in 4 days and my fiancé and I wanted to write nice letters to our loved ones on the day. This is what came in the mail.”

16. “In my opinion, this is the real problem with WCs.”

What was one of your most memorable failures of all time? How do you usually deal with situations when things don’t turn out how you expected?

Preview photo credit vanilla_lychee / Reddit


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