20 People Who Know How to Work Their Way Around Any Obstacle

2 years ago

Most of the time, there are standard solutions to certain problems. But the people on this list decided to squeeze their creative juices to come up with atypical ways to overcome challenges. And the results are a mix of curious and brilliant, but more importantly, they seemed to work.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything enjoy seeing the many fun ways people try to fix problems, and we’re sharing 20 of the most interesting entries we found.

1. “My dad ’fixed’ my lawnmower.”

2. “The engagement was canceled, so I fixed the cake for them.”

3. “Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.”

4. “I took grad pics with my boyfriend at that time, and after learning about our breakup, my aunt ’fixed’ my photos.”

5. “Have crazy sore muscles but no bathtub? Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

6. “Good as new!”

7. “Didn’t have the proper materials while baking a cake last night, so my husband improvised.”

8. “I wanted to lay in the sun and play some games. It was too bright outside to see the screen. I found a solution.”

9. “Little bro punched a hole in the restroom wall, and he gave me $40 to fix it. So I did.”

10. “My wife has been learning to play video games. I made her a diagram so she won’t keep looking down at the controller.”

11. “Couldn’t find a ’2′ and a ’5′ for my daughter’s birthday cheesecake. Had to improvise.”

12. “My nephew was about an inch short for the best rides at Disneyland. Problem solved.”

13. “Spotted in a supermarket bathroom — it works surprisingly well.”

14. “My family’s doorbell stopped working. We had to improvise.”

15. “My buddy, being the king at fixing matching tattoos with an ex”

16. “Glad he didn’t forget his Ford emblem.”

17. “A car with a dent and an owner with a sense of humor”

18. “Broke my shoelaces at work and had to improvise.”

19. “My friend had to fix a leak in the paneling of his master bath. He definitely nailed it.”

20. “I fixed it.”

Have you ever tried solving a problem in an unconventional way? How did it go?

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