15+ Animals Who Are As Big As They Are Loving

2 years ago

Bigger pets may seem scary, but they never get tired of proving us wrong. They have tons of love to give and they express their sweetness in various ways. From begging to have their paw held while falling asleep to carrying their Winnie the Pooh plushie everywhere they go, animals aren’t ashamed to show vulnerability and affection.

Now I’ve Seen Everything brings you photos that will make your heart melt for these gentle giants.

1. “She’s 7 months old and loves being held like she isn’t huge.”

2. “Our daughter and one of our Saint Bernards”

3. Once a puppy, always a puppy.

4. Nothing like a good furry cuddle.

5. “Koji, my gentle giant”

6. Even big boys need stuffed toys.

7. “I foster 51 cats, 14 dogs, and 12 rabbits in Spain. And I present to you, my sanctuary’s absolute unit.”

8. Can’t fall asleep without some paw-holding.

9. Looks comfortable!

10. “Moose the Goose and my mom”

11. “My not-so-little buddy Milo is only 8 months old.”

12. They give the best hugs.

13. “My boyfriend’s dog barely fits on the new love seat.”

14. “My dad’s 150-lb German Shepherd.”

15. “Ludo loves snuggles.”

16. “My little guy turned 1 this week.”

Have you ever seen such giant pets? Maybe you own one? Share pics of them in the comments.

Preview photo credit darkpour / Reddit


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