15+ Times Life Challenged Us With a Real Workout for the Eyes

2 years ago

We can find example after example of the perfect camouflage in nature. It allows different creatures to hide, move unnoticeably, and even pretend to be something they aren’t. Our species is trained to deal with different forms of camouflage from the time we lived in nature, but it can still be challenging to spot some things, especially if they’re well-hidden.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything invite you to test your vision a little with these pics and have fun along the way.

1. “Shhh, I’m a branch.”

2. “Took a picture of my cat going full camouflage mode, try and spot him!”

3. “A friend thought they lost their wallet — found it magnetized to their car.”

4. “The camouflage on this copperhead snake I found in North Texas”

Tap to see the answer
Tap to see the answer

5. “I lost this ring a couple of years ago...found it when I was about to replace my monitor!”

6. “We couldn’t find the iPhone for a minute or 2.”

7. “This tissue box looks almost invisible.”

8. “Put a couple of my 3-color desert camouflage uniforms in the sand and they blended in pretty well!”

9. “Couldn’t find my shirt in the hotel room.”

10. Try to find another furry pet.

Tap to see the answer
Tap to see the answer

11. “My year-old Muji pen that I thought was lost yesterday”

12. “Took me a minute to find my bag last night.”

13. “A long-lost AirPod in my vacuum”

14. They simply don’t care that someone wants to sit there.

15. “My rolling pin matches the cupboard liner in my new apartment almost perfectly.”

16. “Spot the cat (she’s annoyed).”

Tap to see the answer
Tap to see the answer

17. “We’re getting a new kitchen countertop soon. Making sandwiches will be easier.”

Was it difficult to find the hidden items? How long did it take you to spot them? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

Preview photo credit Eknoom / reddit


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