15 Bewildering Images That Fool Everyone’s Eyes

2 years ago

Imagine looking across the classroom and seeing your teacher with no head. It sounds far-fetched but it happened to someone and they snapped a photo of it, otherwise, we wouldn’t have believed it either. This sort of real-life optical illusion stuns everyone that comes across it, even if through a screen.

Now I’ve Seen Everything prepared a display of genuinely confusing photos just for you.

1. “It took me a while to realize she wasn’t in mid-air.”

2. “I’m double-jointed.”

3. “My jelly shoe is perfectly camouflaged with this asphalt!”

4. “My BF took a panoramic photo of me while swaying to some jams.”

5. “This tree root looks like an alligator head.”

6. “Long, long toe”

7. “I thought someone had actually bitten wet cement before I realized it was a clear retainer.”

8. “I took a photo of my brother. He jumped at the right moment and it looks like he has to go because his planet needs him.”

9. “My son under a giant Canadian inuksuk”

10. How many paws can you count?

11. “Had some tiny men working from my fence this morning.”

12. “This angle makes it look like my cat is coming out of the TV.”

13. “My teacher’s hat blends in with the chalkboard. I nearly had a heart attack when I looked up and he was headless.”

14. “Bird’s eye view”

15. “I thought there was a child in this Elmo toy.”

When was the last time you took a confusing picture?

Preview photo credit LordImgur / Imgur


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