17 Unlucky People Who Paid for Something and Received Nothing But Disappointment

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When we order and pay for something, we are usually very excited and look forward to getting our items in our hands. It can be something we ordered from a store overseas or from the pizza place a couple miles from our home. The disappointment some people have received is uncanny and it really shows that we can’t trust anyone.

1. “Not nearly as impressive.”

2. “What happens when you leave a plastic toy in a hot car.”

3. “Someone clearly dropped the pizza, but neither place will refund! The delivery service blames the pizza place for dropping it, and the pizza place blames them.”

4. “Bought a doll that had her hair tied up for my friends daughter. First thing she did was untie the bow.”

5. “Guess that’s what you get for $2.50.”

6. “I ordered a Big Mac without the extra 3rd bun. What is this?”

7. “His XL crate arrived today.”

8. “What I ordered VS what I got.”

9. “I waited a total of 1.5 hours at a pretentious ski lounge for this...”

10. “She asked for a bunny cake.”

11. This is a good reason to sue, right?

12. “Our corn chips came in a Rusty bucket.”

13. “I bought a hoodie online.”

14. “I ordered bruschetta from my local pizza shop.”

15. “Ordered a bagel with cream cheese....thanks?”

16. “Don’t judge a book by its cover, they said...”

17. “I ordered some tights for Halloween online. I didn’t check the size and it turns out they were a bit too small.”

What has been the greatest disappointment for you after you ordered something either online either from a physical store?

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