15 Times People Caught Their Pets Being Adorable Goofs on Camera

2 years ago

It seems like all pets are funny and adorable with no exceptions. With that, where there are our furry friends, there will inevitably be some kind of a mess. They might get completely covered with mud, try to learn how to walk on the ceiling, or get stuck on a swing in the funniest way possible.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything love seeing pics of the lucky people who caught these moments on camera, and we’d like to share them with you too.

“Yeah, I totally meant to do that!”

“Looks like he hit the chocolate fountain.”

“My indoor cat’s first time experiencing heights. He instantly regretted it.”

“Am I using the swing right?”

“I tried putting up a net so my dog couldn’t get to the front seat.”

“Caught my cat just casually living in a different realm of gravity.”

“I regret nothing!”

Don’t you just hate it when your bowl gets stuck on your collar?!

“That time my dog somehow managed to get a branch stuck in his collar and under his body”

The look on this kitten’s face screams “worth it.”

“Gets cone taken off, immediately finds cone, and gets head stuck in cone backward...”

“Mom just sent me this. I think he’s stuck.”

It’s the puss in a boot!

Mistakes were made, regrets have been had.

“This is Rob.”

Have you found your pet in a similar situation? And more importantly, have you taken a picture of it? Because we absolutely need some more fluffy silliness in our lives!

Preview photo credit shintje / imgur


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