15 Times People Left Us in Awe With Their Actions

2 years ago

Having the element of surprise in our lives seems to be vital for our brains since it increases our dopamine levels. And a surprise isn’t only when our friends appear at our front door on our birthday, but also smaller everyday occurrences. For example, we can see someone peeling fruit in the most bizarre way. Even something as simple as that can boost our brains and provide some much-needed rejuvenation.

Now I’ve Seen Everything knows that there are many people with unique abilities out there, and we are here to see 15 of them.

1. “How my buddy keeps his cats from using his potted plants as a litter box”

2. ’’The guy I work with held this rose on his nose for over 30 seconds.’’

3. ’’My friend makes epoxy resin pyramids with food.’’

4. “How my wife peels a clementine”

5. ’’I spent 5 hours making my driveway chalk masterpiece and finished right before it started raining.’’

6. ’’This is how I eat Cheetos at the office.’’

7. “I stacked up all the books that I read in 2021 and the pile was as high as my chest.”

8. ’’How my dad reads a book’’

9. ’’This tin foil rose my wife made me for our 10-year ’tin’ anniversary’’

10. ’’My girlfriend makes the most amazing sushi.’’

11. ’’The power button on the TV broke. This is how my dad fixed it.’’

12. “This house’s mailbox is a miniature model of itself.”

13. ’’My son has figured out how to keep the dog from stealing his breadsticks.’’

14. “My son holds his water bottle with his foot.”

15. “This grave is used for vegetable gardening.”

When was the last time someone surprised you with their actions? If you can recall this, would you mind telling us what it was all about?

Preview photo credit Handeatingcat / reddit


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