15 Times People Saw Something That Left Them Mystified

2 years ago

Sometimes we’re deceived by our own vision. But on a positive note, often when it happens it creates complex optical illusions that are beyond entertaining to solve. And whether you enjoy puzzles or not, it’s impossible to just go on without figuring out how you’re looking like at a photo of a floating hand, when there’s no photoshop involved.

Now I’ve Seen Everything welcomes you into a world of baffling pics. Get ready for a challenge!

1. “The eagle statue on South Station turns into a pirate at night.”

2. “Looks like the boat is riding the edge of a wave.”

3. “I took a selfie today”

4. “Just my dad and his dog”

5. “Looking up from the lobby of the Marriott Marquis, Atlanta”

6. “The way this Lay’s chip bag lines up with my buddy’s face”

7. “A desk lamp pointed at the wall”

8. “Giant rescued Bully Pitt’s head could easily be mistaken for mine.”

9. “Friends sitting on a ledge with a reflection on the river”

10. “My dog looks like an A.I. generated mess.”

11. “This sassy gal showing off her legs.”

12. “One cat, looks like 2.”

13. “Levitating hand”

14. “Glitched door”

15. “Flip-lock sandals”

What’s the most confusing thing you’ve ever seen? How did you manage to figure it out?

Preview photo credit ClarkCountyYoohoo / Reddit


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