15 Times When Kid’s Logic Just Knocked Down Adults on the Spot

7 months ago

Kids’ logic can be pretty entertaining. Take the classic example of a child trying to avoid bedtime. They might say something like, “If I close my eyes, you can’t see me, right?” It’s as if they believe that closing their eyes turns them invisible to the world. But sometimes their way of thinking is outside the box, so that even adults can be amazed.

“My son asked if he can make himself a hotdog for a snack after school. I said yes. I hear him and his sister laughing in the kitchen, and walk in to find this.”

“My son, the thief.”

“My daughter is very much a realist...”

“My younger son tries to sneak sugar packets out of restaurants and eat them in the car. We checked his pockets, and this time, he stuffed 5 of them into a breadstick.”

She’s so young, but already knows how to keep her options open:

When your school assignment is to draw an animal:

Is he being honest or is he just cunning?

“I think my daughter found her baby monitor.”

“My 11-year-old son got this card for my birthday:”

When a child breaks an adult’s pattern of behavior with one unusual action:

“I spent a few minutes watching my daughter slowly move across the living room to get something I told her she couldn’t have.”

This is probably one of the most vivid examples of children’s straightforwardness:

“So, my 8-year-old sister dropped an entire pack of cookies in the car and I told her to clean it all, 15 minutes later and I came back to that.”

“I didn’t think I’d actually lose in a hide a seek game with my nephew...”

“Used the guest bath today. My 3 year old has solved the age old splashing water problem.”

Kids’ logic is filled with wonder, imagination, and a touch of innocence that can turn into a real comedy and make us smile. It’s a reminder of the magic that can be found in their simple yet imaginative interpretations of the world around them, and never makes us bored.

Preview photo credit Havocfyw / Reddit


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