20 Times Kids and Logic Mixed Together Like Oil and Water

2 years ago

Kids and logic are 2 terms that might not be used often in the same sentence. Our cute little children surprise us every day with their creativity — they step on laptops, chew on couches, or play a game of hide and seek while making no effort to stay hidden. One thing that separates adults from kids is that kids can do unlogical, goofy stuff and still get away with it every single time.

Now I’ve Seen Everything came across some pictures that really prove the creativity of kids is unlimited.

1. “Just a reminder: hide all of your devices.”

2. “My son said he had no idea how it got in there.”

3. “My daughter’s hide and seek spots are improving.”

4. “My kid turned off the deep freeze. Now I have to cook all this.”

5. “My friend’s kid decided to make his own popsicle.”

6. “After I told my little brother to stop throwing his controller... 5 minutes later, I hear a bang and I see him crying, and the TV looked like this.”

7. “She dressed herself; it’s definitely backward.”

8. “My 2-year-old daughter did this and put it back with the others when she was done, marking her territory.”

9. “Told my daughter to put her toothbrush away.”

10. “Thanks, son.”

11. “My daughter is a master at hide and seek.”

12. “My daughter gets one specific chair to eat in. Can you tell which one?”

13. “My daughter said the bagel wouldn’t fit in the toaster, so I told her to cut it in half.”

14. “A drawing of Santa by 6-year-old me”

15. This kid is going places.

16. “My daughter thought she could jump higher by adding more socks.”

17. “My elementary school-aged son said his friend gave him a cool watch for a trust exercise and told him to bring it back tomorrow.”

18. “I love it when the evening light brings the BITE MARKS out in our sofa...”

19. “He asked me for a straw for his orange juice. Minutes later, I remembered we didn’t have OJ, and went back to see this.”

20. “My 3-year-old insisted on making me breakfast.”

How does your kid crack the code to this world? Do you have a funny story about you in childhood or about your own kids? Please share it with us!

Preview photo credit danithedan / Reddit


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