15 Unusual Things That Stood Out From People’s Ordinary Routines

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There are entire online communities dedicated to strange findings that folks made, and Reddit is home to most of them. From a view that took a parent off-guard to a hilariously misplaced object, there are multiple examples of questionable things that spiced up ordinary days. Although these sorts of encounters are rare, they can amuse us for days on end.

Now I’ve Seen Everything created a special display of oddballs that completely stunned people.

1. “A creative road sign my sister found in Alaska.”

2. “I found out my boyfriend has jean curtains.”

3. “I was browsing Google Street View today when I found this.”

4. “Creeped out by a recently shaved cat looming over me.”

5. “Found this in the woods while trail riding.”

6. “My brother’s a landscaper and I found this one day.”

7. “I put my hat on my fan to block the light-up display and discovered this on the other side.”

8. “Decided to surprise my girlfriend with a new shower curtain. Hope I’m still home and not at work when she discovers it.”

9. “Not sure the wife understands what freezer bags are for.”

10. “A lowercase stop sign”

11. “Pulled up the carpet at the house, and guess what I found.”

12. “Just found this on my windshield”

13. “My friend has 2 toenails on one toe.”

14. “Came to work and found my pet mouse was hiding in my rucksack.”

15. “How a neighbor fixed their plush monkey”

What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve seen that still crosses your mind every now and then? What is your favorite image? Let us know in the comments.


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