15+ Users Whose Past Style Experiences Make Us Feel Nostalgic

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Previous decades all had something special when it comes to style, and the 2000s are no exception. When we watch films of this period, we can’t help but notice the trends that later disappeared. Our today’s heroes decided to make a throwback and revisit the fashion taste they had when they were teens.

1. “My mom said I would regret this haircut. Personally, I think I peaked way too early.”

2. “I called it circle haircut or infinity chinstrap.”

3. “Travel back in time to the year 2000, when this bleached blonde hair gel wave topped my head.”

4. “My friend gave me permission to post this early 2000s glam she is serving.”

5. “My parents weren’t happy about dying my hair before picture day. My grandma didn’t care because this is the picture of me she keeps in her room.”

6. “Early 1980s New Wave-inspired makeup and hair shenanigans!”

7. “Yes, that’s my real hair. Yes, I spent an hour on it every day.”

8. “Very early 2000s, my mom let me attend a family wedding like this in butterfly clips and frosted lipstick.”

9. “Senior Prom 2010, Our son will see these some day and wonder whose hair was worse!”

10. “Used hair gel to make fake dreads.”

11. “I still have the bags, but no more orange hair.”

12. “My awkward years were the better part of a decade.”

13. “Fourth-grade talent show, circa 2006. Deep into my Green Day phase.”

14. “Me in high school, 2000. I guess Eminem made me confident enough for this look.”

15. “Me sitting in my quintessential early 2000’s bedroom. UK, circa 2002.”

16. “My seventh grade school photo”


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