15 Fathers Who Dedicate Their Life to Raising Their Kids

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In most families, you might notice that the father is the fun parent, who is in charge of making the kids laugh. Maybe this is because this way is easier for them to bond with their kids, since it’s the mother who usually does all the nurturing. So, when it’s dad time, the kids know that they can have some playing time filled with laughter. Of course, this isn’t always the case but we have found quite a few pictures that agree with this general idea.

1. “This father is taking his daughter to a fun run.”

2. “Getting ready to sing ’Purple Rain’”

3. “Getting better! Not bad for a dad.”

4. “My significant other holding our identical twin girls, born premature at 30 weeks, together for the first time.”

5. “A tea party with my princess”

6. “Dressed my 2-week-old son as ’Baby Yoda.’”

7. “We all had a fever yesterday, this is how my wife found us when she came home from work.”

8. “In January, I got serious about weight loss, partly motivated by my inability to play with my daughter. I have lost 90 pounds so far. Only 110 more to go.”

9. “You’ve got to build that work ethic while they’re young.”

10. Cristiano Ronaldo is proud to be spending time with his kids.

11. “My son and me as Lego Batman and Lego Alfred”

12. “These little nuggets are a year old now. This was the fastest and slowest year of my life.”

13. Kevin Jonas is so happy to be a father of 2 girls.

14. “My daughter has an irrational fear of hair clips, but she said she wouldn’t be scared if I did it first. So here we are.”

15. “My wife was pumping, so both of my little guys got to hang out on my chest this morning.”


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