13 Heart-Warming Comics That Show How Differently Our Moms and Dads React to Our Problems

year ago

Most of us know quite well that our mothers and fathers react to similar situations in different ways. Even their methods of upbringing can differ noticeably. For example, some things are allowed only when mom is around, while others can work out only with dad. We decided to compare these 2 so different parental approaches in these funny comics.

When a child starts dating someone

When you need to motivate your child to do their homework faster

When parents have different views on their child’s diet

When a pediatrician asks your child’s birthdate

When parents’ tastes in music don’t match

When your daughter goes on her first date

When you ask your parents to tell you a bedtime story

When you fall from your bicycle

When you’ve had a conflict with your peers

When a car has just passed by

When there is only one candy left

When you ask your parents to play with you

When your heart has been broken

When the author of this article was working on it she couldn’t stop smiling because it felt like she traveled back to her childhood again. Her dad allowed her to bring stray animals home and then her mom tried to find them all other owners. Can you relate to the situations shown in the pictures?


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