17 Couples That Show How Humor Keeps The Flame of Their Relationship Alive

2 years ago

Achieving happily ever after is a goal that requires effort from both people in a relationship. However, that journey can be made easier with a sprinkle of humor. From lovingly pranking your partner to being goofy together at a party, it’s moments like these that make life brighter than ever.

Now I’ve Seen Everything puts the spotlight on couples who know how essential it is to have fun together.

1. “My mom taking a picture of my dad acting like he’s stuck in the dryer”

2. “I introduced my parents to gel guns today.”

3. “So, my wife and I came across a ’fertility stone’ in Ireland.”

4. “My wife and I won the funniest costume at the party.”

5. “My parents sent me this from their retirement community today.”

6. “My fiancé and I celebrating at a ’Halfway to Halloween’ party.”

7. “My wife and I have kept this picture above our toilet for 5 years now.”

8. “After I hurt my foot mowing the lawn, my wife bought and decorated a robo-mower.”

9. “My momma sent me this in a Snapchat today.”

10. “My son was really excited when my wife and I agreed to a Pokémon-themed Halloween until he saw my costume.”

11. “Put some googly eyes on my pregnant wife’s belly.”

12. “My wife and I just bought our first bulk buy hot sauce. We’re very proud.”

13. “At 15 weeks pregnant, my wife finally let us announce it on Facebook.”

14. “My wife and I went to Disney World. Also, the kids came.”

15. “My wife and I have done serious pics for every major life event.”

16. “My husband took this picture of me this morning while I was trying to clean my glasses.”

17. “My wife looked so thin 24 hours after delivery, we decided to swap places for a funny photo.”

Do you and your loved one like to have a big laugh together? Share the most comical thing the 2 of you have done with us!

Preview photo credit sassafras711 / Reddit


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