20 Pets Who Got Bigger, but Didn’t Shake Off Any of Their Habits

2 years ago

Like humans, pets pick up habits that they keep for their entire lives. Most of them connect with a toy or accessory so deeply that they keep it close even after it’s not fit for playing anymore. This just proves how similarly our pets’ brains and ours work, and maybe that’s why we grow to feel so close to them.

Now I’ve Seen Everything knows that we must appreciate every moment with our pets, since they grow up so fast.

1. “2 weeks to 7 months! Soon I won’t be able to pick him up.”

2. “Loki thinks he’s water and, sometimes, I believe him.”

3. “My cat as a kitten and as an adult”

4. Some things never change.

5. “Arlo at 2 months and 8 months old, featuring his special toy”

6. “He may not fit in my hood anymore, but he’s still hitching a ride 3 years later!”

7. “It’s Spud’s one-year gotcha day.”

8. “My cats from 4 months to a year old — still avid tabletop gamers!”

9. “From 8 weeks to 10 months, still our little baby”

10. “They still sleep the same way.”

11. “No longer small, but still needs love.”

12. “Once a mud puppy, always a mud puppy.”

13. “From 2 months to 1.5 years old, still post-walk napping buddies.”

14. “Still cuddling with the same pillow.”

15. “Always together”

16. “Same as it ever was — my cats at 2 months old and 3 years old.”

17. “He may be full-grown, but he still has the same mischievous personality!”

18. “Here’s a 4-month-old Juno looking at a 12-month-old Juno. She always jumps on this bench on our favorite hiking trail.”

19. “I guess pets are never too big to be carried like a baby.”

20. “Scout — 3 months to 9 months”

What habit does your pet have that they seem to stick to even as the years go by?

Preview photo credit Big_Tension / reddit


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