16 Behind the Scenes Revelations That Show It’s Not Easy to Take a Good Picture

year ago

Social media is very important for so many people’s lives and they often seek validation or praise through them. And photographs are the main vehicle they use to reach as many likes and comments as they can. That’s why they will often do crazy and unimaginably difficult things in order to capture what they have in mind.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves uncovering the truth behind wonderful pictures that took a lot more effort to take than we would imagine.

1. “Framing and location, kids”

2. “How romantic”

3. When you really want to be at the beach.

4. A good camera and photoshop can take you a long way.

5. Boyfriends doing their best to please their women

6. “It’s all about perspective.”

7. Brought the beach at the office

8. There’s always a logical explanation.

10. Magic is happening.

11. Photoshop can do wonders.

12. They look like real legs.

13. “The social media queue.”

14. Hot shrimp or maybe not?

15. “I did the Michael’s Challenge.”

16. Women just know how to pose.

What is the craziest or funniest thing you’ve done in order to take a picture that eventually turned out great?

Preview photo credit blokeno79 / imgur


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