16 Celebrities Who Tend to Wear Their Favorite Clothing Until It Falls Apart

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Celebrities have access to all the best fashion collections in the world. Fashion designers dream about a celebrity wearing their outfit on the red carpet. Celebrity homes often have beautiful shining walk-in closets with hundreds of pairs of shoes and bags. But there are actors, models, and musicians who don’t seem to care whether they wear the same piece of clothes or accessory for years.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we also have our favorite accessories and shoes which we tend to wear for a long time. We looked through the photos of celebrities and found out who of them have favorite pieces of clothes they put on quite often.

Emma Roberts’ favorite shoes

Among all accessories, Monica Bellucci prefers earrings. And she has favorite ones among them.

Johnny Depp definitely has dozens of pairs of shoes in his wardrobe. But these boots are obviously his favorite.

Dakota Johnson knows how to pair her favorite jeans with loafers and sandals.

On the day of her engagement announcement, Meghan Markle posed in not so new shoes in front of photographers.

Helena Bonham Carter has a couple of favorite pendants which she likes to combine.

She also has her favorite pair of shoes. The actress has worn these boots of gray suede for a few years.

Keanu Reeves is attached to these boots so much that he has literally worn them into holes.

This is what they looked like in 2017.

In 2019, Julia Roberts appeared in public wearing aviator sunglasses she had worn a year earlier.

And in 2018, this pretty woman wore these tight leather pants twice.

Diane Kruger seems to always opt for sunglasses of the same style and a newsboy cap.

Robert Pattinson’s loyalty to these sneakers is just delightful.

Nothing can part Pamela Anderson with her favorite turtleneck, even fluff.

These black shoes are probably very comfortable because Kirsten Dunst has been wearing them for years.

We think we know what Keira Knightley’s favorite pieces of clothes are.

Sandra Bullock tends to go for a short black puffy jacket.

Cameron Diaz can’t go anywhere without her favorite bag: she wears it when going to the gym and shopping.

And even to public events.

Years pass, but one thing remains unchanged — Brad Pitt’s newsboy cap.

The author of this article has been wearing the red dress that was given to her by her mother for 15 years. Probably you also have this kind of pieces of clothes in your wardrobe. Tell us about them in the comments below, and we’ll include your story in one of our new articles.

Preview photo credit AFLO/ East News


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