18 Crazy and Funny Nail Jobs

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Some people find it easy to complain to businesses about their services, and others just can’t get the courage to say a word. No matter how you feel about it, there are smart ways to complain about a business without yelling at someone. The easiest solution is to go online and leave a polite yet honest review so everyone else knows about what happened. If things are more serious though, you can contact the Federal Trade Commission or your Better Business Bureau.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to tell you that when you don’t like a service you’ve been provided with, you should let those in charge know about it.

“I paid $75 to a nail tech for these.”

Now this is a wacky manicure if we have ever seen one. These poor girl’s nails. Looks like the technician wanted to use up the last of her white nail polish and decided to lie it all on one client. We seriously doubt how long this manicure would last. We would not even bet on the end of that day.

“They are awful, unfortunately, and make the hand look humongous.”

“I paid the nail artist $89 for these nasty nails.”

“They claimed that their products last up to 10 days without chipping. This is day 3. They are not worth their price.”

Ugh, the search for long-lasting nail polish should be a plot to one of the Mission Impossible movies. We have never encountered a nail polish that would last longer than two days. This girl can consider herself lucky that they lasted until day three.

“It wasn’t until the nail artist finished one hand that I realized it was not what I had hoped for...but it was too late.”

“Paid more than $100 for this.”

This girl got both robbed and a bad nail job. This is simply unacceptable and the price makes us shiver. It is also infuriating that this nail fail had potential, because the design looks fine. It is the shape of her nails that got completely ignored.

“Am I being an OCD Karen for feeling disappointed the polish wasnt applied all the way down?”

“Cannot believe I paid for this...”

“Am I overreacting? The tips look too big, almost like a duck tail.”

Yes, the tips are too big and the nail polish has flooded the sides of this girl’s nails. Why do most nail technicians on this list use too much nail polish? And this could have been so cute, we love the combination of black and red glitter.

“Did the nail artist secretly hate me while doing my nails??”

Oh dear everything that is holy in this universe, what was this nail artist thinking about? Was she even looking at what she was doing? Even the women who do their own nails know to avoid the sides, we have been training not to do that since we were little girls. This wacky manicure does not deserve to be paid for.

“I walked out of the salon and only later realized what they did to my nails. I came home and cried.”

“Asked for a pink ombré nail...a little bit disappointed.”

There is no doubt that this nail artist does not how to do ombre. Neither do we of course, but we would not charge people for it. Such a shame too, pink and orange are such a cute color combination. We really hope this girl find a nail artist who can make these nails possible.

“Just had my acrylics taken off. I was in tears.”

“For all those who talk about bad nail salons — this was done to me 3 days before MY WEDDING.”

Not the wedding! We can forgive many bad nail jobs, but this is simply unforgivable. This bride simply wanted pretty nails for the most important day of her life and she got completely robbed. And again, what is up with this fat layer of nail polish?

“Went in with long acrylics and asked for them to be cut to half the length/made square/filled. I left crying.”

“Don’t be like me — speak up if you don’t like something.”

“I definitely don’t like the shape.”

“That looks like MMA to me. They’ll never admit it cause they can lose their license.”

Now this is not even funny. What is going on here? This is an absolute nightmare. We hope this girl complained and got a full refund. A nail job like this is simply unacceptable.

We hope these bad manicures did not fully scare you off from ever attending another nail salon. But tell us, have you ever gone for a manicure and ended up leaving the salon in tears? If yes, did you express your frustration to the artist or say “thank you” and leave?

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