16 People Whose Solution-Finding Abilities Are Off the Charts

2 years ago

Life hacks are among the most popular niches on online platforms, and viewers can’t seem to get enough of them. That’s because they show easy and fast ways to do everyday things that most of us are familiar with. And if you take into account the fast pace of life, these hacks give us an easy way out.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves good hacks and solutions to everyday issues, and these 16 tricks can satisfy your inner handyman.

1. “Ιf you’re struggling to store/chill fragile cake, flip over a regular Tupperware container and use the lid as the base.”

2. “My dad fixed a control knob that broke off in my car.”

3. “I’ve just found out that if I use a cheese grater on a cold stick of butter, it’s easier to spread on toast and muffins.”

4. “Muffin tin sauce trays”

5. “My daughter asked me to be Maui for Halloween. I’m a skinny white guy, but I’m pleased with my solution.”

6. “How to keep the crows away in your yard by placing a fake dead crow”

7. “May I present, the Hair Tie Twist-Up, featuring the remotes for both the Roku and Apple TV!”

8. “Protect your extension cords against the garage door this Christmas. 1 pencil + duct tape”

9. “I have a small kitchen, so this was my solution.”

10. “A plastic kiddie pool with a blanket inside becomes a big, comfy dog bed.”

11. “My easy way to keep all the paste toward the opening.”

12. “Keep your toddler safe in the grocery cart seat (and prevent abductions) with a carabiner.”

13. “I preheat my boots with hot tap water in long English muffin bags while I eat the muffins for breakfast.”

14. “Avoid washer mildew with a microfiber towel.”

15. “Freeze portioned bananas for smoothies; it keeps them ripe and makes the smoothie creamy.”

16. “No dine in, no problem.”

Would you try any of the smart solutions shown above? Or do you have better tricks to help you navigate everyday life you’d like to share?

Preview photo credit 5_Frog_Margin / reddit


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