17 People Who Look Like Their Relatives Were Reborn Through Them

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When a person is born, their DNA is a mixture of their mother’s and father’s DNA. So, what these two DNA carry in them might give their child some features that they don’t have. That’s why some kids look nothing like their parents, but have a tremendous resemblance to their great-grandmothers. The pictures we are about to see will show you exactly how amazing genes work.

1. “My Norwegian great-grandmother and I favor quite a bit. According to my test my Scandinavian roots are only 26%, but her genes must’ve been as strong as her back!”

2. “Everyone kept telling me I looked like my dad. I never really understood that until now.”

3. “Biological dad found after 30 years.”

4. “My dad and me, and then my daughter and me 23 years later”

5. “Me and my daughter in the same pushchair 30 years apart.”

6. “Me at 3 vs my daughter at 3”

7. “My grandfather and me around the same age.”

8. “This is my father at the age of 33 and me at 38.”

9. “Me in 1987 vs my son in 2017”

10. “My great-great uncle and I.”

11. “Here’s a picture of my mom and me around the same age.”

12. “Me and my paternal grandfather.”

13. “This is a picture of my mother who died of cancer and me around the same age. The photos ended up similar by coincidence!”

14. “Me and my son, both at 9 months. 35 years apart.”

15. “My dad and me at 30 — a slight resemblance”

16. “My husband always said he looked more like his dad when he was young and not his mom. I finally got to prove him wrong.”

17. “I often hear how I look like my grandmother.”

Do you have such an uncanny resemblance with any of your close or distant relatives?

Preview photo credit FamilyTighes / Reddit


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