5 Beauty Secrets From Elizabeth Hurley, Who at 58 Can Outshine Any 20-Year-Old Bikini Model

8 months ago

As you peruse Elizabeth Hurley’s Instagram photos, you might find yourself pondering the secrets behind her remarkable youthful appearance, both in terms of her body and her radiant skin. Despite being 58 years old, this British actress and model appears to defy her age, boasting a radiant complexion and a bikini-ready physique. She has graciously divulged her strategies for maintaining her youthful appearance, and we are ready to jot them down.

1. Don’t forget to moisturize your face.

There is no point in arguing with the fact that the actress in her almost 60 years looks delightful. It would be wiser to listen to her advice on self-care. In an interview Elizabeth revealed her secret to glowing skin: “The one thing I swear by is moisturizer-and lots of it,” she said.

“I’ll moisturize my face about six times a day and my neck about 10 times a day. Lightly dab it over your face, and it instantly makes you glow.” Derms agree that it’s probably excessive (twice a day is standard), but it’s difficult to argue with results, amirite?

2. No long walks in the sun.

Anyone who visits Elizabeth Hurley’s Instagram might think her whole life is just one extended, sun-kissed holiday. The page blossoms with photos of the actress being in sunlight, showing off her enviable body in various exotic locations.

But the 58-year-old revealed that the secret to her glowing skin is, in fact, keeping out of the sun.

While sharing a photo of herself bathing in the sun, she wrote, “LA morning wake up. I only go in the sun before 9am and after 6pm — otherwise, it’s under a large umbrella.”

3. No exhausting training in the gym.

Speaking about how she stays in such good shape, Elizabeth explained she “makes time for exercise” and eats “nutritious foods”. The actress doesn’t follow hard and fast rules. She simply does everything to support her fit and healthy lifestyle. According to her recommendations, no super long hours at the gym are necessary to look like a goddess.

"I do a lot of exercise, but it’s really the gardening; cutting down a hedge, using my chainsaw to cut down a tree, logging, all of that stuff. Not only do I feel, well, actually exhausted, but also I feel that I’ve got the leaves up, which is also a nice thing. I’d rather do housework than go to the gym,’ she shared. “I’d rather scrub a mirror; it does just as much.”

4. Do what you truly love.

In one of her interviews, Elizabeth gave a rare insight into her childhood. She revealed the lifelong hobby that helps her stay in marvelous shape. The actress showed a photo of a cycling proficiency badge, which she received in the 1970s. This proves the global icon has always been into cycling — so that’s how she keeps her stellar body in a wonderful shape.

5. The actress’ special diet.

I haven’t eaten processed food for 100 years,” Hurley told, perhaps slightly exaggerating re: the length of time. “

“I like simple, natural, easy food. I don’t really like food with a lot of chemicals or additives,” she said. “When I’m at home in the country, I always try and eat food that’s grown locally. That goes for meats and vegetables.”

At 30 and almost 60, the actress and model looks stunning and younger than many of her peers. Surprisingly, it seems that another secret of her youth is genes. It is not difficult to guess about it, looking at her son. Obviously, beauty is in their blood.


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