17 People Who Pressed Restart and Look Utterly Gorgeous

8 months ago

We’ve all had at least one moment in our lives when we felt that we needed to switch things up. Maybe you were tired of your boring long hair or of your monthly need of going to the hairstylist to dye your grey roots. But you don’t need to get stuck to the same style for the rest of your life. These 17 people prove that any change is possible if you really try for it.

1. “Decided why not.”

  • You look totally different! I love this look for you, you are rocking it!

2. “The total time for this transformation was 9 hours.”

3. An unbelievable transformation.

4. This haircut took so many years out of her face.

5. “Cut off all my hair.. very conflicted! Not many hairstyles I can do now. Does it suit me?”

6. Amazing hair and makeup.

7. A wonderful hair change.

8. “My boyfriend had his hair cut and my jaw dropped.”

9. “From then to now!”

10. The change in her mood is so obvious.

11. “I did a thing: First cut in nearly four years.”

12. “Here is my transformation... 4 years later.”

13. “This transformation for this gorgeous client took about 7 hours, one session.”

14. A better haircut and some makeup.

15. “Finally decided to chop the flow, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

16. “I miss my dreadlocks already.”

  • Oh man. Don’t get me wrong, I love dreads, but you look SO much better with your new style!

17. “I did it!”

Having a haircut isn’t always just a simple task, but also a lifechanging moment. Or maybe instead of cutting hair, some people decide to grow it out. There are so many changes one can decide to go through depending on how they feel.

Preview photo credit jackmartincolorist / Instagram


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