22 Women Who Cut Off Their Locks to Reveal Their Irresistible Appeal

year ago

Changing the length of our hair can completely transform our look, to the point of making us unrecognizable. And deciding to chop off our long locks can indicate more than just a change of style. It marks a new beginning, and even a desire to radically change our lifestyle. This is why it is never easy to cut our hair after growing it for years, but once we take the big step, we’ll feel better than ever.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that the power of change can be therapeutic. We’ll share the before and after pics of women who decided to completely alter their hairstyle and gained a huge smile as a result.

1. ’’This was a few years ago. It got donated, and I never went back.’’

2. “Minus 12 inches and now my freckles shine!”

3. “I recently went from very long hair to a huge chop!”

4. “Finally caved and chopped my hair.”

5. “It’s the shortest hair I’ve ever had!”

6. “I love my new haircut!”

7. “Goodbye to the hair I grew for 7 years!”

8. “I wanted a change!”

9. “My angled bob is ready for summer!”

10. ’’I’ve been wanting this cut for years.’’

11. “Just got my hair chopped off today. It was a liberating experience.”

12. “I thought my long hair looked flat, lifeless, and so boring.”

13. “I just chopped my hair! I’ve never been happier!”

14. “I listened to the comments online and am now getting compliments.”

15. “Having long hair is a struggle for me, so I decided to chop it.”

16. “Decided to donate my hair to charity. It will grow back.”

17. ’’Finally I got the chop after contemplating for two years. And I couldn’t be happier!’’

18. “Got many suggestions to try a bob with a fringe so I decided to cut my own hair today for my birthday.”

19. “I had long hair my entire life. I use it as a safety blanket.”

20. ’’I couldn’t be happier.’’

21. “I listened to advice and got my hair cut. I’m not smiling here but I’m thrilled.”

22. ’’Before and after the big chop.’’

What do you think about such transformations?

Preview photo credit chlois / Reddit


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