16 People Who Ended Up With The Biggest Tattoo Regrets

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Tattoos have become a common way to express oneself and make a statement. But for some people, their tattoos end up being a source of embarrassment rather than pride. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the biggest tattoo regrets and fails, from the poorly executed to the downright ridiculous. So, before you head to the tattoo shop to get that meaningful tattoo or 3D design, take a moment to learn from these bad tattoo examples.

“I got this tattoo yesterday, and I already deeply regret it.”

This is really cute.

“My friend has no idea his tattoo doesn’t say ’death metal’ but ’death to the money.’ That’s what happens when you use Google Translate.”

“My high school friend is so proud of this gem.”

“Stupid orange on the side of my knee. My friend did this for me in her living room when I was having a bad time.”

“If you are ever feeling stupid, just remember that you didn’t try to tattoo yourself with no experience, with a tattoo gun from an online store, and without tracing.”

“It gets worse the longer you look at it.”

“My boyfriend’s sister got a new tattoo! We sure did get a kick out of it!”

“I’ve never had this kind of reaction to a new tattoo before. It burns! And the ink looks like this.”

Be careful. You can break your brain while trying to read this tattoo.

“Why would you get an illegible tattoo?”

We can only guess what this guy really wanted to say with his misspelled tattoo.

“It was supposed to be a fox outline.”

We wonder what Voldemort would say about this portrait of his.

“My buddy got this in the parking lot of a bar.”

“One of my friends got a tattoo from a guy she knew. She immediately regretted her decision.”

“I thought it couldn’t get worse and then it healed. Just look at it now.”

Before getting your ink check the tattoo shop reviews and history before getting your meaningful tattoo. And from our side, we can help you by sharing some articles about ink masters who show how art should look like:

Preview photo credit Temporary-Sympathy74 / Reddit


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