17 Pictures That Will Make You See Something That’s Not Really There

year ago

Every time you go out of your house, there are millions of different things to see and notice. It’s a matter of how much attention you’re paying to something. And if you are paying attention, you might see something that either is not there or looks like something else completely.

1. It’s only until you see it.

2. “That’s not her arm.”

3. “Floating cliffs? Snowy hills? Two pictures stitched together? A beach on the island of Socotra.”

4. “Two giants standing over tiny fields.”

5. “This hurts my head.”

6. “Are we going upwards or downwards?”

7. Headless men can be seen roaming around some places.

8. “Body twerk foot.”

9. “Cat with a leg growing out of its belly.”

10. Looking at this image can make you dizzy.

11. “She and her little boy.”

12. “A woman stuck to a man.”

13. “This dog that looks buried up to the waist.”

14. “The sides of the buildings were the exact same color as the sky.”

15. “Dog in a car.”

16. “My dad met his female doppelganger.”

17. “A face behind a mirror.”

If you ever saw something like that in public, would you take your phone out to take a memento of it?


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