18 Common Items That Are Far More Curious Than They Seem at First Glance

2 years ago

Many of us probably used to feel like detectives looking inside different things to find out what was in them when we were kids. And that’s no surprise — it’s so much fun! Even for grown-ups, learning about our world is a big adventure, especially when it comes to looking at everyday items from a completely different angle.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything want to bring you some of that child-like joy with these 18 objects that hide some pretty curious things from us.

1. “The inside of my daughter’s snap bracelet is from a tape measure.”

2. What the inside of a gas pump looks like

3. “US banknotes are actually slightly color-coded. I boosted the saturation in the pic.”

4. A cross-section of a whale rib

5. It’s unexpected to find a piece of an old toothpaste box in a phone case.

6. USB cable

7. Ever wonder what the inside of a tape dispenser looks like?

8. All of this was inside a baseball.

9. “I found 3 fortunes in 1 fortune cookie.”

10. “Well, they aren’t wrong. What’s inside the platypus dog toy?”

11. The inside of this tropical pitcher plant looks like a QR code.

12. A spring ring jewelry clasp

13. “This shell I found that looks just like a coconut”

14. This cactus on the inside

15. “A bike stand built into a park bench”

16. “Someone turned a stump into a little box of books.”

17. “This is what a guitar looks like on the inside, my latest build.”

18. “This is what the inside of a Rubik’s cube looks like after a kid destroys it.”

When was the last time you looked inside something and thought, “So, that’s what this is!”?

Preview photo credit ryanispiper / Reddit


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