18 Things That May Seem Unusual, but Are Part of Daily Life in an Auto Repair Shop

2 years ago

A car is like a second home for many people since you spend so much time in it. Sometimes, you even spend more time in them than at home or at work. And when you have no choice but to take it in for repairs, it can be hard to part with it. So in order to avoid this tragic separation, many people try to fix it at home, but this often ends badly.

Now I’ve Seen Everything made a compilation of some of the most creative fixes that mechanics have come across when they got down to work.

1. “Customer said her husband patched the tire but it keeps leaking air.”

2. “I was pulling into the shop and when I looked back I nearly had a heart attack.”

3. “88 with 48k km 6 speed and mint. Little old woman driving it. Just came in for a battery.”

4. “Came in for a safety inspection...”

5. “Dude comes straight from the dealership for a car-seat installation, but halfway through the car disables itself (I’m guessing some anti-tamper safeguard). Hilariously, the boys at Ferrari can’t remotely fix it because there’s no reception undergound.”

6. “Customer taped over radio and boarded up the electronics because they said it was shocking them. Also, 80,000 kilometres. Never had an oil change. Had to be towed here.”

7. “The owner used a coin as a temp fix for this smashed case.”

8. “A girl who works at Sonic just paid her 1k repair bill with mostly 1’s and 5’s. Mad resolve.”

9. “Customer was wondering why, when he started his car this morning, it sounded different. He didn’t understand it when I told him he had been robbed.”

10. “Customer failed to mention the fact that his dog was in the vehicle, scared the hell outta me.”

11. “Customer states: Frog in headlight. Diagnosis: frog in headlight.”

12. “This guy left his car at work too long.”

13. “When a gas can is toward the end of its life, it sheds its first layer of skin to make a new layer.”

14. “Filipina car repair”

15. “Not the worst I’ve ever seen.... But it’s also a 2018 😂”

16. “Honesty test. Not getting me today.”

17. “Cart needs an alignment, it pulls to the left.”

18. “My dad’s neighboring shop was showing this beauty off this week.”

Are you someone who tries to fix your car on your own, or do you go to the professionals? Tag that friend who always tries to fix it on his own.


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