18 Hilarious Photos That Prove Pets Truly Are Liquid

2 years ago

The older we get, the less flexible we become. Carving out time to do some stretching or practice yoga poses can lift your mood and help you become more flexible than ever before. And if working out alone seems boring, you can always ask your pet to join you.

Here at Now I’ve Seen Everything, we gathered 18 pictures that clearly show our pets can be way better at stretching than most of us.

1. “My son spilled his Oreo cookie shake, and then it fell asleep.”

2. “I had a suspicion my newly-adopted boi was liquid. Today it was confirmed!”

3. “I accidentally spilled my cat on the sofa.”

4. When you’re practicing and your dog decides to help you do better:

5. Daisy helps her human with some tough positions.

6. “He does yog-woof!”

7. We all do our best!

8. “This isn’t that hard, I don’t understand why humans complain so much.”

9. This instructor only wants to be pampered and kissed!

10. The perfect way to practice your balance

11. But who does it better?

12. “Look, yoga classes are starting to pay off!”

13. And this would be upward-facing guinea pig pose!

14. Nothing like a few stretches to start the day off well.

15. Stretching to get pampered.

16. To end the class, nothing’s better than many healing hugs.

17. “My flatmate’s cat didn’t get the memo that he’s supposed to have a spine.”

18. “It’s so hot my cat melted on the way to the water bowl.”

Have you ever seen your pet in a complicated position that would take you years of yoga practice to do? Would you dare to share a photo with us?

Preview photo credit angietiredandhungry / reddit


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