18 Domestic Geniuses Whose Life Hacks Knocked Reality to the Ground

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The pace of our lives is constantly increasing. Scientists even proved that we actually walk faster than our parents. In such a rush, we don’t want to waste time on boring, everyday things. And it’s great that modern people, aside from their cleverness, have the Internet to turn to in order to find hacks that many of us would never even think of.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything think that there’s nothing bad about making our lives easier with 1 or 2 effective life hacks.

1. When you need to carry several bags at once:

2. Use plastic wrap under caps to reseal seasonings that solidify over time.

3. Shower curtain hooks work well for hanging holiday lights on curtain rods.

4. You can store money at home or on a trip inside a pad.

5. Cover your white shoes in toilet paper when drying so they come out clean and white without yellow stains.

6. Wrap a piece of lettuce around one side of your sandwich or burger to keep the goods from falling out the other side.

7. Dry your toilet brush before storing it.

8. “I always mince a giant bag of garlic, freeze it, and break off squares for cooking.”

9. Put plastic wrap over your tomato dishes before putting the plastic lids on to avoid stains.

10. “I save all of my seasoning packets from ramen noodles in an old Parmesan cheese container. It helps me use less seasoning on the actual noodles, plus it provides good seasoning for other meals too.”

11. Put tampon pads inside your shoes for hiking or marching, as it’ll reduce the stress on your feet and soak up all the moisture.

12. “How to keep your wife happy”

13. “This is what my boyfriend does. No more greasy hands.”

14. If you need to get rid of nail polish and not ruin a manicure, use a tampon and nail polish remover.

15. When there’s no coat hook in a public bathroom, try this.

16. Put chopsticks underneath the fish you are cooking so it doesn’t stick to the pan or the paper.

17. How you can use a muffin mold

18. To prevent your lemon from drying out, stick the top of it to the rest of the fruit with a toothpick.

All these life hacks were invented by ordinary people. Maybe you also know a few tricks that could make our lives way easier. Tell us about them and we’ll include them in our next compilation!


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