18 Kids Who Know How to Drive You Completely Mad in a Few Seconds

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Looking at a child sleeping, is like watching an angel with a halo on its head. But while they are awake and discovering the world around them, our little ones turn into mischievous creatures ready to make their parents go mad. Nevertheless, we adults need to keep in mind that kids should never shy away from running around and expressing themselves because that is all very natural. After all, they’ll only be children once, so they might as well enjoy this carefree state to the max.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is fascinated by the endless amount of energy and imagination that kids have. We want to share some awing situations that made everyone smile except for the parents.

1. ’’Her face when I tell her to stop eating mud.’’

2. “Dinner time is getting really dramatic over here.”

3. “So dramatic when she naps”

4. ’’My son is throwing a fit because he can’t get all the ’yucky’ seeds off of his watermelon.’’

5. “Why is she throwing a tantrum you ask? Because the receipt blew away.”

6. “Bedtime?”

7. “Most artistically composed tantrum ever.”

8. “Her reaction when I ignore her outbursts”

9. “It’s gonna be one of them days”

10. “Less than an hour old. Already tired.”

11. ’’She won’t talk to anyone because the person on the phone hung up on her.’’

12. “My daughter going through her dramatic artist phase.”

13. “My son (2 months) is very dramatic. No one believed me until I snapped this pic.”

14. The drama will begin in 3...2...1...

15. “My 2-year-old son is ‘enjoying’ one of the most beautiful places on earth.”

16. “My daughter’s first case of nerd rage”

17. “My son’s new go-to move when he is mad ”

18. ’’Week 2 as a stay at home dad. My wife is not going to be pleased.’’

Do you remember being a drama queen/king as a child? If yes, share with us one of the anecdotes in the comments below.

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